On the 8th Day of Christmas the Winner is….

We’re excited to announce that the Day 8 winner of the Magnum 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is B Joshua Bishop.  Joshua, you just scored a pair of Spider8.1 HPi. We thank you for entering often and telling your friends about the contest too.  Now it’s your turn to win it!  Email us at info@magnumbootsusa.com with your shipping address and size before Dec. 21, 2012 to claim your boots.

For everyone else, be sure to browse online at magnumbootsusa.com/us then post a message on your personal Facebook wall, tagging @Magnum Boots USA with a link to a Magnum style you would want to see under your Christmas tree.

Note:  to tag on Facebook include the “@” symbol beforehand. As you type our company name ‘Magnum Boots USA’, a drop-down menu will appear that allows you to choose from your list of friends and other connections. Click on our name in the drop down and we are tagged in your post. The “@” symbol will not be displayed in the published status update or post after you’ve added your tags, instead it will appear as highlighted in blue.

See full contest rules at http://bldg4801.com.

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