Magnum’s Valentine Gift Guide: For Her

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you haven’t found the perfect gift for the lady in your life yet — you’d better hurry. To help keep you out of the dog house this holiday, we’ve prepared a little V-Day gift guide thanks to the help of the Magnum ladies here at HQ.

Magnum Stealth Force 6.0 SZ WPi: $155 MSRP










Who needs heels? Every woman needs a kick-ass pair of black boots. Our Stealth Force 6.0 SZ WPi is perfect for work in any uniform field or just for days out on the range. Ready to get your lady comfortably from one end of the day to the other, these boots are built to keep her feet happy.

Girls Guide to Guns American Flag Range/Computer Bag: $75









This vintage paratrooper-style bag is beyond convenient for work, school, life, and, of course, the gun range. It’s the perfect size for a computer, diapers, or a 9mm — plus ear and eye protection. Your gal will love the three convenient partitions for keeping items separated, as well as a large front pouch that holds plenty of pens or other pen-shaped items… that may or may not resemble large-caliber bullets.

Winchester .223 Case Drop Necklace: $75











Made with a recycled brass casing I wrapped it in 14K gold-filled wire and hung 3 briolette drops and one Swarovski Coral pendant from 14K gold-filled chain. The drops are garnets and tourmaline in rich ruby and smokey colors. Magnetic rhinestone clasp.

Women’s Tactical Association Membership: $40/year








Perfect for any female, give the gift of tactical networking and training with a Women’s Tactical Association membership. This incredible organization is dedicated to bringing training in the areas of firearms, fitness, tactics and combat mindset to the ladies.

Magnum RD Long-Sleeve Shirt: $65 MSRP











Whether your woman is out on the range or busting bad guys, one thing is for sure — she’ll want to look good no matter what the task. Our RD Long-Sleeve Shirt delivers advanced functionality, the best fit and leading-edge technology — made especially for a women’s body. Say goodbye to those awkward-looking tactical shirts, and hello to the low-profile, sexy RD shirt.











We definitely saved the best for last on this post — and that’s a ladies day out with Bond Girl Bootcamp. BGB’s hardcore adventures will bring your woman under the zero-frills direction of exclusive celebrity trainers and veteran special ops instructors, who provide the tactical skills that tap raw emotion. These high-speed stunt drivers, shoot-to-kill marksmen, burlesque performers and more are the show-no-mercy sergeants who will whip your gal’s ass into kick-ass. But be careful, guys — your woman WILL gain talents and confidence that will blow your  mind and skills that could blow your head off!

We’ll also be posting a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him shortly, so feel free to share our blog with the lady in your life. Now that we’ve provided some sound ideas for your Valentine’s Day gift, how do you plan on celebrating the day of love with your loved one?
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