Magnum USA Proudly Sponsors Team 5 Foundation

Today, we’re proud to announce our sponsorship of Team 5 Foundation, a medical mission organization that brings western medicine and education to developing countries in remote places that most would never imagine to venture to.

While the rest of us will be gearing up to watch the Super Bowl this weekend, Team 5’s medical and survival experts will be heading into a remote region of Guatemala, which has no Western medicine, to provide as much medical care as possible to 12,000 Mayan villagers in a region of 35 villages.

“This Guatemala mission is focused on the high maternal death rate, which is approximately 29 deaths per 30 calendar days,” said Eric Linder, RMP, co-founder of Team 5 Foundation. “We are educating them in western style medicine, certifying them and giving them hands on experience in clinic. Our goal is to reduce the deaths, bring awareness and leave equipment in the villages.”

The team will be also provide future support for Guatemala twice a year to keep the standards in place, in addition to helping other underserved destinations around the globe.

Team 5 is comprised of U.S. veterans, many of whom served overseas in our Special Forces. The team will not only provide medical services, but has also designed a program to teach local healthcare workers emergency response in a remote area, as well as emergency childbirth. An ultrasound has been donated for the mission, and other team equipment, like boots, jackets, shirts and pants, have been donated by Magnum Boots USA.

When we met Team 5 for the first time a few short weeks ago at SHOT Show 2012, we knew instantly that we wanted to help support their incredible efforts. After many years of sacrifice and service to our country, it’s inspiring to see how dedicated this team is to selflessly helping others in this capacity.

Please join us in wishing Team 5 safe travels and a successful mission!

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