Magnum Sidewinders — Out of the Box, Straight to the Field

Thanks to a recommendation from the SoCal BowhunterPastor Kerry of Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen decided to give our Sidewinder HPi boots a fair shake on his eight-day, high country Utah archery mule deer hunt this past month. Because of the timing (or lack thereof) before his departure, Pastor Kerry was concerned about the break-in period with these duty boots. However, we weren’t. Here’s why, from Pastor Kerry’s point of view after the wear-test:

“From the moment I strapped them on until this very moment, they fit like a glove.  Seriously, I am not yanking your chain.  From one old East Texas County boy to everyone reading this article, the fit is really good.  When I heard they were good from box to field, I initially said, “yeah, right.”  We’ll see how that works when I take them through the mountains of Utah through mud, creeks, up the mountain over boulders and through slash pine laying all over the mountain side.  I thought to myself, surely they will stretch or my toes will get pushed down into the hard toed panel, maybe even a slide to one side or the other off the sole as some boots do.  It just didn’t happen.  They contoured to my feet and ankles at that time and now on the 14th day and counting, they still fit great.”

At Magnum, we stand behind our products, and we’re stoked to hear that Pastor Kerry ended his week-long hunt with a recommendation for Magnum. We know that your boots are your transportation, whether you’re hunting, chasing bad guys, saving lives or fighting on behalf of our country. It’s an honor to be there with you every step of the way.

To read Pastor Kerry’s full review on not only the Magnum Sidewinders, but our new socks, check out his blog post here.

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