13Qs with KTKC Founder and Blogger Motorcop

Over the summer, we’ve gotten to know Mr. Congeniality and Blogger Motorcop pretty well. For those of you living under the proverbial rock, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to MC. Well, sort of. Blogging anonymously under the pseudonym “Motorcop” since April 2008, this police officer, husband, dad and writer wanted a place to entertain, educate and every now and again, rant. Of course, you can’t always say what you want as a public defender – hence, the anonymity. So with that said, we did our best to ask non-descript questions of MC to learn just a little more about this mystery man. 

Tell us a bit about your background. 

I’ve done all kinds of different gigs before finding my career.  I was a chauffeur, bartender, data entry specialist extraordinaire (I added both the “specialist” and “extraordinaire” designators), lifeguard, dispatcher, and video store clerk (remember video stores?).  Ironically enough, I also discovered I’m not a terrible writer.

I was raised in a civil service home.  My dad was a firefighter, so I guess you can say I’ve always had an affinity for this kind of work.  That, in combination with my time as a dispatcher in San Diego, worked to getting me bit by the law enforcement bug. 

What made you want to start a blog?  

I had to have an outlet for all the things I deal with that piss me off.  I couldn’t take it out on the motoring public without risking quite the reprisals.  I knew I had something to say that other cops were thinking.  I knew   I could find a sympathetic ear in them.  Initially, the blog started as simply a place to vent.  Early posts were riddled with frustration and profanity.  As time moved on, though, the blog has become more “edutainment” than just a place for me to bitch.

Why do you choose to remain anonymous? 

I choose to remain anonymous for a couple reasons.  First, everyone loves firefighters, so they really don’t have to fear much for their safety off-duty.  Cops?  Not so much.  Secondly, I remain anonymous to try and keep my location as under wraps as possible.  Very few people know exactly what agency I work for and where I’m assigned.  The last thing I need is a bigger target on my back for complaints.  I get enough of those just being a motor. 

How is your blog different from other LE-related blogs? 

In one word: Awesomer.  I realize that’s not a word, but I feel at ease creating a new level of cool.  Plus, I carry a gun, so as far as you know, it’s a word.  Honestly, though, I think what sets me apart is my style of writing, my sense of humor, and that I use my platform as more than just a place to complain.  I try and use the blog as “edutainment” by using more than just my experiences on any given day.  I have the “Ask MC” posts where readers submit questions and I also do “The Crossover Show” podcast with Happy Medic.

What’s the one thing you never leave home without, and why? 

My sense of humor.  If you take yourself too seriously, this job will eat you alive.  You can be a great cop without being Johnny Tough Guy all the time.

List three misconceptions that people often have about you (and, if known, why). 

I’ll assume you mean me as a police officer.  1. People assume cops have no sense of humor.  They tend to forget we’re human.  We are usually not terribly emotional on a detail because we have to appear neutral, so I kinda get this misconception.  2. Motor officers have no heart and only live to write tickets.  Wait, you said misconceptions…nix that one, it’s true.  3. Cops are all power hungry.  I’ll agree that some are, sure; however, that’s true in your office as well.  Truth is most cops are just regular people that love the job and legitimately want to help their community.  Sappy… but true.

Tell us about an unforgettable day in your career. 

It’s not often police receive kudos, but I once got a voicemail from a young lady I cited for no seat belt.  I was expecting her to complain, but she told me she had been in a collision a few hours after I cited her and the only reason she hadn’t been killed was because she was wearing her seat belt.   She went on to say the only reason she was wearing her seat belt was because of the ticket I gave her.  She called to thank me for saving her life.  I’ll never forget that.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? 

You know those people that answer a question with a question?

What do you consider to be your three best qualities? Worst qualities? 

Best: 1. Incredible hair. 2. Charming smile. 3. My ability to be a self-indulgent prat.

Worst: 1. My inability to think poorly of myself.  2. See #1.  3. Really?

What is something you wish you could learn with the snap of your fingers? 

Cross-stitch.  You would not believe the fabulous patterns that are a-swirl in my head daily.

What inspired you and Happy Medic to start Kilted to Kick Cancer 

We were at the Highland Games last year wearing our kilts and we wondered how we could get away with wearing them for a whole month without being considered freaks.  The whole idea just seemed so damn simple and easy to get behind.  Prostate cancer will surpass breast cancer this year in number of cases diagnosed, but there is 50 times as much research funding in Congress for breast cancer.  Men need to get over themselves and get the exam done.  If I can wear a kilt for a month, you can get a 15-minute exam. 

I hope we reach one guy.  I hope just one guy takes what we’re trying to do to heart and gets the exam done.  I hope next year we gain even more traction and KTKC takes on a life of its own.

What is your favorite Magnum product? 

Spider 8.1 Urban SZs… by far.  I’ve been wearing them for 13 days straight about 15 hours a day for KTKC.  My feet never hurt.  These are by far the most comfortable duty boots I’ve ever worn.  Well done, Magnum!

Anything else you would like to add? 

I feel incredibly blessed with the things I’ve experienced in the last few years as a LEO blogger.  I’ve met some amazing folks, discovered a second occupation, started a nation-wide campaign to raise awareness for male-specific cancer and met a life-long friend in Happy Medic.  I can’t believe the good fortune God has seen fit to send my way.

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