Reviews Magnum RD Uniform, one of law enforcement’s most trusted online resource for new products, technology and trends in the industry, recently reviewed Magnum’s new RD uniform. Editor In Chief Lt. Frank Borelli (ret) put our RD tactical pants and long-sleeve shirt to the ultimate test (he admits freely that he tries to literally break products during wear-testing). Here’s what he had to say about the RD uniform pants:

“Once I got them on I was quite impressed with fit and comfort. Made from 5.4 ounce 100% cotton ripstop, they are very light weight and the overall design is one that functions well in hot temperatures. Even the front pockets are made from mesh net so there are less layers of fabric retaining body heat so close to your groin. We all know that we sweat first in our joints and when you think about it, your front pockets sit right on top of a joint: where your leg meets your torso on either side of your groin. Typical pants design layers fabric there because of the pockets. Someone at Magnum was smart enough to put mesh net there and it has a distinctively cooler feel to it.”

We appreciate Borelli’s detailed review of our new apparel line. Be sure to check out the entire review here on

What is your favorite feature on our new RD apparel?

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